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German certification-GS

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GS certification is based on the "German Equipment Safety Act" (GPGS), a voluntary certification for testing in accordance with the European Union's unified standard EN or German industrial standard DIN, and is a recognized German safety certification mark in the European market. This mark is a recognized mark for electrical products such as office equipment, household appliances and industrial equipment, and is widely recognized in Europe.
       GS is a German standard, but it is recognized by most European countries, and while products meet GS certification, they will also meet the requirements of EU CE certification. The advantages of GS certification:
       1. As a product safety and quality mark, it has been widely recognized by consumers in Germany and the European Union;
       2. Minimize the manufacturer's liability risk in terms of product quality;
       3. Enhance manufacturers' confidence in product quality, safety, and compliance with legal requirements;
       4. Emphasize to consumers the manufacturer's obligations for product quality and safety;
       5. The manufacturer can assure end users that products with GS mark have passed the test of a third-party testing agency. In many cases, the quality and safety of products with GS mark have exceeded the level required by law;
       6. The GS mark can obtain a higher degree of recognition than the CE mark, because the GS certificate is issued by a third-party testing organization with certain qualifications.
       The signs of common certification bodies are as follows:
  TÜV Rheinland's GS certification


GS certification of TÜV SUD

       GS certification is witnessed and tested by Ward, and the certificate will be obtained in 3-4 weeks. Free rectification and re-testing services are provided.



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