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Functional safety

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Functional safety overview:

       1. Product safety: The ability of the product to protect human health and property from harm or loss during storage, sales, and use.

       2. Classification of hazards: mechanical hazard, electrical hazard, thermal hazard, noise hazard, vibration hazard, radiation hazard, material and substance hazard, ergonomic hazard, environment-related hazard, combination hazard, etc.

       3. The concept of safety functions: In order to realize the safety measures required by the control system in specific applications, the necessary functions among these functions should be included in the design.

Common safety functions: emergency stop, reset, accidental start, enabling device, mode selection, obstacle avoidance, response time.

※ Safety function is different from functional safety

Functional safety: is a set of systems, including document management, process organization, testing, etc.

Safety function: It is the confirmation of safety measures.

※ How to realize functional safety:

        1. Implement functional safety management system;

        2. Strengthen hardware design (select components, dual loops, diagnostic measures, fault simulation tests, environmental tests, EMC tests, etc.);

        3. Software process management and control according to the V-type life cycle model

        ※ Functional safety related standards


IEC 62061 is mainly for the functional safety requirements of safety-related electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic control systems. It is often used for functional safety assessment of highly complex mechanical equipment.

ISO 13489 is mainly for the requirements of the safety-related parts of the control system, and it is often used for the functional safety assessment of low-complex mechanical equipment.

Safety of machinery Safety-related parts of control system

Part 1: General principles for design/Part 1: General principles for design

EN ISO 13849-1:2008 (ISO 13849-1:2006) & GB/T 16855.1-2008;

EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (ISO 13849-1:2015)

Part 2: Validation/Part 2: Validation

EN ISO 13849-2:2008 (ISO 13849-2:2003) & GB/T 16855.2-2007

EN ISO 13849-2:2012 (ISO 13849-2:2012)

IEC 61508 is mainly for complex electronic circuits, such as complex subsystems.

General Principles of Machinery Safety Design Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction GB/T 15706-2012 & ISO 12100-2010;

Safety requirements for industrial robots Part 1: GB 11291.1-2011 & ISO 10218-1-2011;

Industrial Robots and Robot Equipment Safety Requirements Part 2: Robot System and Integration GB 11291.2-2013 & ISO 10218-2:2011.



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