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Australia C-tick

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Australia's electromagnetic compatibility is monitored by the ACA (Australian Communications Authority). Under the Australian EMC system, products are divided into three categories. Suppliers must register and apply for the C-TICK mark with the ACA before selling products of the second and third categories.
        A type of product: products that have low interference radiation to devices using wireless spectrum (such as manual switches, simple relays, one-way squirrel-cage induction motors, resistors, etc.); such products can be used voluntarily when they are produced and sold. c- tick mark
        The second category of products: products that have high interference radiation to devices that use the wireless spectrum (such as switching power supplies, welding machines, dimmers, most household appliances, etc.);
        Three types of products: products that have extremely high interference to devices that use the wireless spectrum, that is, products covered by CISPR11 and CISPR22. Since the applicants applying for the C-TICK logo in ACA registration are limited to companies registered in Australia or New Zealand, they can be applied by buyers in Australia or New Zealand or by certification bodies of branches/partners in Australia or New Zealand.

         Test voltage: Australia AC 240V, 50Hz, New Zealand AC 230V, 50Hz.

         Now Australia must apply for RCM, a registration method that combines EMC and SAFETY. After all products have obtained the C-TICK and safety numbers, they can obtain the RCM mark. It is worth noting that RCM is not practical. For the certificate, RCM needs to pass the C-TICK, so local agents are also required.

         C-tick (EMC, no factory inspection required);

          RCM (EMC and safety, no factory inspection required);


       A/C-Tick is a certification mark issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for communication equipment. A-Tick is only applicable to communication products, and most electronic products apply for C-Tick.
         N###, Z### are the company codes of Australian and New Zealand local companies registered in ACA.



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