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Talking about the certification curve report of IES light distribution curve

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Ward Testing provides safety testing, EMC certification, EMC rental, light performance and energy efficiency testing, IES light distribution curve, UL certification for LED products, and Energy Star for lighting in the four major areas of industrial products, consumer products, trade security and life sciences. Certification, DLC certification, environmental testing, physical and chemical testing, as well as laboratory construction, qualification application, technical support and training, application software development and big data platform construction, and many other comprehensive one-stop third-party service organizations. It is the largest formaldehyde testing agency in Dongguan company.

  On the certification curve report of IES light distribution curve

  At present, most of the large and medium-sized lighting manufacturers are equipped with integrating sphere equipment, but they are mainly used for data reference and simple report of product design. If you need to be recognized for the light distribution curve report, you still need a professional third-party testing agency to form a formal report format through professional equipment and calculation software.

  Lumen, the unit of luminous flux. A point light source with a luminous intensity of 1 candela (cd), the luminous flux emitted within a unit solid angle (1 steradian) is "1 lumen", the English abbreviation (lm).

  In simple terms, it refers to the brightness of a candle that is one meter away (1 meter = 1 meter). An ordinary 40-watt incandescent bulb has a luminous efficiency of about 10 lumens per watt, so it can emit 400 lumens of light.

  Light distribution curve It refers to the light intensity distribution of the light source (or lamp) in all directions in space. The test results are important data for judging the energy efficiency and utilization of lamps. Generally, when foreign professional sellers purchase lamps, the light distribution curve is generally provided as a basic parameter.

  Integrating sphere is a hollow sphere for photometric measurement. The inner surface of the ball is coated with (uniform) diffuse reflective white paint without wavelength selectivity. The illuminance in either direction within the ball is equal.


 Ward Testing Corporate Culture:

  Development vision: to become a globally recognized one-stop comprehensive public service platform for third-party testing;

  Company mission: Serve for the protection of a green world and human health and happiness;

  Business philosophy: Help customers make money while helping customers save money;

  Team building: Adopt the model of “whole-employment entrepreneurship, everyone's innovation”, let everyone have their own business

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