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Great love is boundless ▏ Ward Testing helps standardize intelligent epidemic prevention equipment

Time:2020-03-14 16:51:00 CTR:

---Guarantee the safe production and sales of enterprises! ---

At present, the new crown virus epidemic has begun to spread globally. As a leader in the field of robots and high-end intelligent equipment testing, Dongguan Ward Testing Co., Ltd. is committed to fulfilling its mission and supporting technology! A series of preferential policies are now being introduced for technological equipment urgently needed by the epidemic, such as automated production equipment for masks and service robots.

Offer 1: A 20% discount on the testing and certification prices of masks automated production line equipment, service robots and other products!

Offer two: Guangdong technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises and high-tech enterprises can also enjoy the government's 40% innovation coupon deduction discount on the basis of 20% discount!

Offer 3: During the epidemic, all customers will enjoy VIP treatment and provide professional standardized training and technical support services!

In the face of the war and epidemic, it is incumbent to avoid the virus and protect peace! Let us pay tribute to the most beautiful retrograde on the frontline of the epidemic! Pass positive energy and protect life!
Ward Testing is the first private robot testing and certification organization, which carries out various robot-related businesses and has a professional technical team to escort your products!

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