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1. The CR certification mark has three meanings:

1) Robot Cetification;

2) China Robot Cetification;

3) China Robot

The overall image of the CR logo is pictographically evolved from the nested letter R in the letter C, presenting a vivid robot image in a full circle. The circular sign represents protection and infinity, completeness and integrity. Smart robots move freely in a circle, representing that the robotics industry is full of unlimited energy and power under the escort of certification, implying that the industry is booming and the future is complete and harmonious.

The CR logo is orange, and orange is widely used in safety colors. It has serious and professional qualities, which means that the influence and credibility of robot certification can be demonstrated.

The CR mark is a certification mark uniformly used by robot products. In the process of using the logo, the name of the certification body is combined with the basic pattern to reflect the main certification responsibility of the certification body. The attached letter represents the certification type: S stands for safety certification; E stands for electromagnetic compatibility certification; E and S appear at the same time, representing comprehensive certification of safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Unified promotion of CR certification adoption:

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: guide and standardize the development of the robot industry, promote industrial progress, and adopt CR certification results;

Development and Reform Commission: Coordinate the construction of the National Evaluation Center and increase the detection capabilities of robots;

Quality Supervision Bureau: Coordinating the testing and certification of robots;

National Standards Committee: Guide the establishment of China's robot standard system and provide certification standard basis for CR certification;

CNCA: Guide the establishment of a national robot quality inspection center and product certification body, guide the implementation of CR certification, and establish a robot certification system.

Certification value: Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, and the State Certification and Accreditation Administration issued the Gongxindian Lianzhuang [2016] No. 169 document, clearly guiding the coordinated and healthy development of my country's robot industry from 10 aspects including the establishment of a certification and acceptance system , Pointed out that “with the support of the Robot Testing and Certification Alliance, we will carry out robot testing and certification, and actively promote the use of certification results in fiscal special projects, financial credit, tax reduction and exemption, major projects and other policies, and improve the accuracy of policy support and product market credibility.” , Will also be disclosed to the whole society through the "Credit China" website in accordance with relevant regulations. Document No. 65 of 2016, "Industrial Robot Industry Specification Conditions" puts forward more specific quality requirements, including "The robot body and key parts and components used by industrial robot body manufacturers and application integration companies must obtain the National Robot CR Certification Mark', the robot application integration system must pass the safety assessment of a nationally recognized third-party testing and certification organization" and other content.

Value manifestation: Robot certification promotes national acceptance and international mutual recognition. The purpose of certification includes but is not limited to:

1) Certification and adoption can effectively improve the accuracy of policy support and product market credibility;

2) Obtain national and local capital subsidies and policy support for the robotics industry;

3) Provide value evaluation for corporate financing and technology mergers and acquisitions in the field of robotics;

4) The internationally recognized professional test report proves to the user the quality of the robot product;

5) Docking international standards to provide technical appraisal for the maturity of key technologies of robots;

6) Promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

2. CR certification scope and related product standards that have been released:

     Products that have been developed include: industrial robots, public service robots, and drones;

Products to be released include: AGV robots, sweeping robots, and balance vehicles;

The standard expert group calls for: integrated applications of industrial robots, parts and components, and so on.

3. CR certification flow chart:

4. Information required for each stage of CR certification:

5. Certification mode:

Mode A: Type test, the certificate is only valid for the samples sent (add the sequence of the product to the certificate), and does not specify the validity period of the certificate;

Mode B: type test + factory inspection + supervision after certification (the certificate is applicable to products of the same model), the certificate is valid for 5 years.

Sixth, cycle: 30-90 days, the number of samples 1-3

Seven, the difficulty of certification:

Warm reminder, the failure rate of the radiation and conduction test of the robot EMC project is very high. It is recommended to do the pre-test first, and then start the certification after the rectification is completed, so as to avoid fatigue, delay the certification cycle and increase unnecessary expenses.



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