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CCC/CQC certification

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CCC compulsory certification and CQC voluntary certification:
        In December 2001, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the "Management Regulations on Compulsory Product Certification", which replaced the original imported product safety and quality licensing system and electrical product safety certification system with a compulsory product certification system. China Compulsory Product Certification is referred to as CCC certification or 3C certification. It is a statutory and compulsory safety certification system, and it is also a basic practice widely adopted internationally to protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the safety of consumers' personal and property. Products listed in the "Product Catalog for Compulsory Product Certification" include household appliances, automobiles, safety glass, wires and cables, toys and other products. Among them, CQC is designated to undertake 3C certification for 134 products in 17 categories within the scope of the CCC catalog. .
        CCC certification includes 134 products in 17 categories; CQC is a voluntary certification. If certification is required for products not listed in the CCC catalog, voluntary certification is adopted.
Compulsory product certification charging items and charging standards
    (1) Application fee. The certification body shall collect application fees from the companies applying for certification when accepting applications for compulsory product certification. The application fee is 500 yuan per application unit. If the application materials are not in Chinese, if translation is required, an additional material translation fee of 1,000 yuan will be charged.
    (2) Product testing fee. When the product testing agency inspects the products applying for certification and issues the test report in accordance with the product certification standards and technical requirements, the product testing fee will be charged to the certification applicant, which is 90% of the charging standard specified in the Fa-Gai Price [2006] No. 1979 Document .
    (3) Factory inspection fee. When the certification body conducts document review, on-site audit and issues a factory inspection report on the company applying for certification in accordance with the requirements for the factory inspection of the certified product, it shall charge the company applying for certification a factory inspection fee. The standard of factory inspection fee is 2500 yuan per auditor per working day. The number of person-days for the inspection of various products for which the factory inspection fee is charged is detailed in the appendix. The round-trip transportation expenses of the auditors shall be borne by the enterprise applying for certification, and the board and lodging expenses shall be borne by the certification body.
    (4) Approval and registration fees. When the certification body assesses the products that meet the certification requirements and issues compulsory product certification certificates, it shall collect approval and registration fees from the certification applicants. The approval and registration fee (including certificate fee) is 800 yuan per certification unit.
    (5) Supervision and review fees. According to the re-examination content stipulated in the product certification implementation rules, the certification body and the product testing agency shall charge the supervision and re-examination fee when conducting the supervision and inspection and product sampling test of the enterprises that have obtained the certification certificate. The certification body shall collect fees in accordance with the charging standards of supervisory auditors per working day and the number of person-days for supervision and review specified in the appendix; product testing organizations shall collect fees not exceeding 25% of the product inspection fee. Among them, if the product testing organization randomly checks the product testing items of 3 or less, the fee shall be charged according to the following regulations: if the testing item is one, 100% of the product testing fee will be charged; if the testing item is two, the product testing fee will be charged. 50% is calculated and collected; if there are 3 inspection items, 33% of the product inspection fee is calculated and collected.
    (6) Annuity. For certificates obtained by the same applicant enterprise (including certificates obtained from different designated certification agencies), an annuity of 100 yuan per certificate is uniformly charged.
    (7) The cost incurred by the need to go abroad to implement compulsory product certification shall be determined through negotiation by the certification body through signing a contract with the applicant.

 2. Related fees are waived in the following cases
    (1) During the validity period of the certificate, the certified enterprise shall be exempted from the application fee when applying for the following changes:
    1. Change the name or address of the enterprise (not including the relocation or reorganization or restructuring of the enterprise);
    2. Change the applicant for certification;
    3. Change the trademark;
    4. Expand product sales models and product trademarks within the specified product unit and on the basis of the same design model;
    5. It is only for the replacement of the certificate, and the conformity assessment of the certified company and product is not required.
    (2) For products that have obtained administrative licenses and compulsory access, product testing fees for the same testing items are exempted.
    (3) During the validity period of the quality management system certification certificate obtained by the enterprise, it is exempted from the review of the management system of the same part of the quality assurance capability of the compulsory product certification, and the corresponding factory inspection fee is exempted.
    (4) The certified product does not involve the expansion of unit changes or the change of product changes, and no approval and registration fees are charged. According to regulations, there is no need to conduct conformity assessment for certified products. If only mandatory product certification certificates are issued, only the cost of the certificate will be charged. The cost of the certificate is charged by the certification body according to the printed cost of the certificate, and it is 10 yuan for each certificate.
    (5) If the whole machine uses certified parts, it is not allowed to re-certify and charge; there is no charge for key parts filing.
The CCC process and cycle are as follows:
1. After receiving the complete and qualified documents, the CQC product certification engineer will complete the document review, unit division, and sample delivery and sample test notification within a maximum of 5 working days.


2. The sample test will be carried out at the CQC contracted testing agency Ward Testing or a partner agency.

3. After the qualified samples (including data) are delivered to the laboratory, under normal circumstances, the testing agency will complete the test within 30 working days and report the results to the China Quality Certification Center. If there is a non-conformity and need to be rectified, the test cycle will be automatically increased.

4. If factory inspection is required, the China Quality Certification Center will arrange factory inspection tasks within 2 working days after receiving the sample test results.

5. After receiving the sample test report and factory inspection report, the China Quality Certification Center will conduct an evaluation. Under normal circumstances, if the evaluation is qualified, the product certification certificate will be issued to the applicant within no more than 5 working days (calculated from the date of receipt of the certification fee).

6. The certification fee includes: application fee of 500 yuan, approval and registration fee of 800 yuan, and the test fee is charged according to the actual product and model. , Factory inspection 2500 yuan/ The enterprise annuity is 100 yuan per certificate, which is collected during supervision and inspection.

7. Certification mode: type test + initial factory inspection + post-certification supervision.

8. Other relevant clauses can be added when necessary.



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