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UL North America voluntary certification, the commonly used signs are the finished product listing mark and parts mark.

The UL listed mark is the most commonly used UL mark. The product affixed with this mark indicates that UL recognizes that the representative sample of the product meets UL's safety requirements. It is common in electrical appliances, computers, fuses, power boards, smoke, personal flotation devices, and Thousands of products.

There are three types of UL Listing Marks: one is only used in the United States, one is only used in Canada, and the other is commonly used in the United States and Canada. C-UL is used for products sold in the Canadian market. Products with this mark have been evaluated in accordance with Canadian safety requirements, and Canadian safety requirements are different from those of the United States. The C-UL-US mark is optional, it shows that the product meets the requirements of Canada and the United States at the same time. UL encourages manufacturers that have obtained product certification in both countries to adopt this new combination mark, but manufacturers can choose to continue to use a separate mark for the United States or Canada. Products with the UL listed mark are included in the UL follow-up inspection service items to verify that the end products and parts of the UL listed mark continue to meet the UL safety requirements during the manufacturing process. The UL Listed Mark generally contains four necessary elements: UL in the circular mark, "Listed", product name or company name/file number, version/serial number, or alphanumeric control number.

 UL component mark Recognition Service: Ordinary consumers rarely see these marks, because they are dedicated to components, and the components are part of a larger product or system, such as certain switches, power supplies, printed circuit boards, Certain kinds of industrial control equipment and thousands of other products. There are three types of UL component marks: one for the United States, one for Canada, and one for the United States and Canada. The C-UR mark applies to components in the Canadian market, and components with this type of mark have been evaluated in accordance with Canadian standards. The C-UL-US component approval mark is optional, and it means that the product meets the requirements of Canada and the United States at the same time. Products covered by UL components will be installed at the factory instead of on-site, and these components may have limited performance and limit their use. When evaluating a complete product or system equipped with UL components, the end product evaluation process can be simplified. The UL component evaluation process may include structural inspection and testing. The report will indicate the acceptability conditions and provide guidance on the applicability of the components for the end product. This information can also be found in UL's online certification directory and UL IQTM parameter database.

Other UL service types:

Company name change, address change (Change name, address)

Multiple Listee

Cancel/reinstate file (withdraw/reinstate file)

Add/change model designation

Add/change component supplier

File transfer, Add trademark

Change of company contact person (Add trademark).

Category Control Number CCN is an alphanumeric system that can be used to specify individual product categories covered by UL's online certification catalog. Such as: OOLV, IEZU, etc.

Listed (listed product): UL blank, cUL7

R/C (component): UL2, cUL8

Unlisted Component: UL 3, cUL9

UL terminology-customer role:

Applicant applicant: Refers to the company that applies for certification to UL for related parts, products or systems. According to the contract, this party bears the responsibility for paying product investigation and tracking service fees, and at the same time has the right to obtain the results of the investigation.

Listee listed celebrities: refers to the name used on or with the product, and appears in a category of UL's product catalog, and can be searched online through the online database of UL's corporate Internet.

Munufacturer production factory (can be multiple): refers to the company that maintains and operates factories that manufacture or assemble listed (or other) products. And the conformity assessment audit work is also carried out in these factories as part of UL's follow-up service program.

Alternate Listee can replace the listed person: When the listed company is different from the applicant company and is the only listed company, the listed company is called the alternate listed person.


Multiple Listee (multiple lists are possible): When there are more than two or more listed companies, the second or more listed companies are called multiple listed companies.

UL terminology-online catalog and file number:

The Online Certification online catalog is a database containing all current listing (or other) information pages.

File Number file number (mostly prefixed by E, MH, SA according to product category: refers to an alphanumeric name assigned and designated by UL to identify an applicant’s file in a specific product category. All UL The report includes this file number at the top of each page. This number should correspond exactly to the relevant product category and reference the index.

UL terminology-follow-up inspection service:

Initial Production Inspction (IPI):

It is an inspection of the first production operation after the manufacturer obtains the UL certification to ensure that the manufacturer of the listed (or other) product is producing the product in accordance with the requirements specified in the FUS (tracking service program) process.

Follow-up Service Program (FUS):

Inspectors from UL Inspection Center will come to the factory for inspection without prior notice. According to the FUS Procedure, check whether the product meets the UL specification and sample according to the regulations.

 Variation Notice Non-conformity Notice (VN):


It is a file used by UL factory inspectors. It records the observed differences between the product or manufacturing process and the description in the FUS (Tracking Service Program).



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