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CE-EMC certification

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The basic definition of EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) is:

    The ability of a device or system to work normally in its electromagnetic environment and not produce unbearable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in the environment. The so-called electromagnetic disturbance refers to the performance degradation of equipment or system caused by electromagnetic disturbance.
It contains two meanings:

EMI (electro magnetic interference) electromagnetic disturbance. Refers to the electromagnetic disturbance caused by the equipment itself to the environment during work

EMS (electro magnetic susceptibility) electromagnetic anti-interference. Refers to the equipment has a certain resistance to electromagnetic interference in the electromagnetic environment.

EMC test items:

EMI electromagnetic interference: RE (radiated emission) CE (conducted emission) Harmonics (harmonic current) Flicker (flicker)

EMS electromagnetic anti-jamming: ESD (electrostatic immunity) RS (radiation immunity) EFT (electric fast and variable pulse group) Surge (surge immunity) CS (conducted immunity) PMS (power frequency magnetic field immunity) ) Dips (voltage drop)

To verify the electromagnetic compatibility of the product is EMC certification.

EMC coverage product range

IT information:
EMC standard: EN 55022/EN 55024
Common products include: personal computers, telephones, scanners, routers, accounting machines, printers, bookkeeping machines, calculators, cash registers, photocopiers, data circuit terminal equipment, data preprocessing equipment, data processing equipment, data terminal equipment , Dictation equipment, paper shredders, copy machines, power adapters, chassis power supplies, digital cameras, etc.

AV class
EMC standard: EN 55013/EN 55020
Common products are: speakers, audio and video teaching equipment, video projectors, video cameras and video monitors, amplifiers, DVDs, record players and CD players CRT TV sets, LCD TV sets, tape recorders, radios, etc.

Home appliances
EN 55014-1/EN 55014-2
Common products are: electric kettles, electric kettles, meat slicers, juicers, juice machines, microwave ovens, solar water heaters, household electric fans, disinfection cupboards, air-conditioning compressors, electric freezers, range hoods, gas water heaters, etc.

GBT 17799.1-2017, GBT 17799.2-2003, GB 17799.3-2012, GB 17799.4-2012 common products are: service robots, AGV automatic guided vehicles, industrial robots, etc.

Lamps and lanterns
EMC standard: EN 55015/EN 61547:
Common products are: tube lamps, bulb lamps, tunnel lamps, high bay lamps, street lamps, fluorescent lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, electronic towns
Circulators, lampshades, ceiling spotlights, cabinet lighting, light bars, etc.

Medical equipment category:
EMC standard: YY0505: 2012
Common products include: radiation therapy instrument, electrocardiogram tester, analytical instrument, ozone therapy instrument, fumigation therapy instrument, ultraviolet phototherapy instrument, spectrum therapy instrument, radio frequency integrated therapy instrument, ultrasonic nebulizer, etc.



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