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How to screen out a reliable and formal formaldehyde testing company?

Time:2016-06-01 11:43:00 CTR:

Nowadays, there are more and more formaldehyde testing companies. In the face of a wide range of testing companies in the market, how can we screen out a reliable and formal formaldehyde testing company? Next, the editor will tell you the most important 2!

  1. Testing strength.

  Formaldehyde testing companies mainly rely on testing to make profits. Therefore, in testing, it often saves costs and then attracts people with low-cost testing. Some companies even conduct free testing. I would like to remind everyone that the purity of the test reagents will directly affect the effectiveness of the test. Compared with ordinary reagents, reagents with higher purity have a larger price difference. Therefore, the act of free testing is not desirable, and there is no free lunch in the world. Of course, with the exception of some companies that charge back money. There are two types of testing prices. One is the testing performed by the metrological certification department. More than three points must be selected. The single-point charge is about 200 to 500 yuan, which is mainly used for the determination of commercial disputes. This kind of behavior generally occurs in the later stages of commercial disputes, and all three parties must be present, and the test results are used as the basis for the final ruling. It is rarely used by individuals. The other is the detection of company behavior, that is, the governance company completes the entire process of detection by itself. This requires formaldehyde testing companies to have a high sense of responsibility in testing. Based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, we will do a good job of testing for customers. At the same time, it also serves as an important guiding basis for project management.

  Second, look at word of mouth.

  Understand whether anyone around you has been in contact with this industry or has done governance at home. Generally, newly renovated houses and offices are more likely to exceed the standard. However, bamboo charcoal and green plants often fail to achieve a good purification effect. This makes people turn to corporate governance. Good governance companies generally have relatively high-quality service personnel onsite, and they have a good reputation among the people (bad reviews of malicious online competition are not counted). Today, when it is easy to promote and build a website, the public reputation is even more important.


  As the pioneer and innovator of the new model of third-party testing and verification services, Ward Testing strictly follows the ISO/IEC17025 standard construction and quality system operation, adopts the new thinking and new model of full-staff entrepreneurship, everyone's innovation, and Internet +. It is a comprehensive third-party service organization that focuses on the development direction of global advanced technology and the update trend of technical standards, and integrates testing, inspection, certification, technical support services, corporate training, laboratory construction and qualification applications.

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