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Ward Testing talks about the key points that need to be paid attention to in the LED energy-saving certification of flat luminaires?

Time:2016-06-04 11:44:00 CTR:

1. LED energy-saving certification information for panel lamps

  China Quality Certification Center launched the LED energy-saving certification business for flat-panel lamps in September 2014. The products include embedded, ceiling-mounted and suspended types. The technical documents used for certification are as follows:

  Implementation rules: CQC31-465317-2014 LED energy-saving certification rules for flat-panel lamps;

  According to the standard: CQC3147-2014 flat panel lamps LED energy-saving certification technical specifications.

  2. The significance of the introduction of LED energy-saving certification for flat-panel lamps

Products that have passed the LED energy saving certification not only show that their safety meets the requirements of the national mandatory standards, but more importantly are reflected in the comprehensive aspects of light output, life span, chromaticity performance, spatial chromaticity inconsistency, pitch-to-height ratio, brightness limitation, and brightness uniformity. Meet the requirements of certification technical specifications.

  LED flat panel lamps can not only provide illumination, but also add artistic beauty, with soft light and uniform illumination. Generally used in offices and conference rooms.

  3. Technical points of LED energy-saving certification for flat-panel lamps

  For LED flat panel lamps, the main technical points are the inconsistency of spatial chromaticity, brightness limitation and brightness uniformity.

  This certification mainly stipulates the safety requirements, performance requirements, electromagnetic compatibility and blue light hazards of LED flat panel lamps whose power supply voltage does not exceed 250V, and conducts a comprehensive quality assessment of LED flat panel lamps.

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