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How to choose a beam electronic signal lightning protection device?

Time:2020-09-19 11:47:27 CTR:

Choice of rate matching

The data transmission rate of different communication systems is different. The signal lightning protection device is installed on the signal line, and the transmission rate supported by it should not be less than the transmission rate of the communication system itself, otherwise it will cause communication infix or increase of bit error rate, which will affect The normal operation of the communication system. Regarding a communication system equipped with a signal lightning protection device, if there is an increase in communication suffix or bit error rate, the reason is more complicated, and it may not be the reason for the lightning protection device. Users can start to check from the following points: the length of the communication line Can it be too long, if it is too long, think about shortening it; the number of breakpoints; the quality of the connection; whether the communication connector can be tightened.

  Insertion loss

  The signal lightning protection device is installed on the signal line. Due to the influence of its additional capacitance, there will be a certain insertion loss under high frequency conditions. When selecting a signal lightning protection device, its insertion loss should be less than the value of the relevant regulations.

  The choice of voltage level

  The choice of the highest working voltage of the signal lightning protection device should be confirmed according to the working voltage of the data transmission of the communication line. It is an important parameter for selecting a signal lightning protection device, but there is no common specification for the selection of different communication lines in practical applications. The maximum working voltage of the lightning protection device must be greater than 1.2 times the working voltage of the communication line.

  The choice of interface type

  Signal lightning protection device is installed in series on the line. In order to match the impedance and maintain the minimum contact resistance, you should choose the same type of interface as the communication line. For RJ and SD type interfaces, pay attention to the line-to-line coordination, and for the coaxial cable interface, pay attention to the male-female coordination.

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