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Ward analyzes what is LED wall washer for you

Time:2016-07-12 11:47:00 CTR:

For those who are not familiar with the LED industry, the name LED wall washer feels weird. Do you still use lights for wall washing? In fact, LED wall washer comes from the English led wash wall lihgt, which is translated into LED wall washer. Since LEDs are mostly long strips, they are also called LED linear lights and LED linear floodlights, which are widely used in decoration and beautification. The contour of the building and the lighting rendering effect used in entertainment venues and squares are beautiful and practical, with high safety.

    Generally use RGB control mode, international standard DMX512 protocol control system, imported high-end LED chips, built-in constant current power supply, to ensure the stable performance of the lamps. It can also adopt a separate power supply design to reduce the influence of heat generated during use, and it can be customized according to the requirements of customers. The lamp shell is made of high-quality aluminum, and the surface is oxidized to make it have a good heat dissipation effect, a longer life, and a more refined and beautiful appearance.

  1. Ultra-thinness, most of them know that LED wall washer is used at high altitude, and the wall is mostly, the thinner the easier it is to install.

  2. The protection level is high. The protection level of the LED wall washer must reach IP65, which means that it must be dustproof and waterproof, sealed with silicone, and potted with thermal conductive silicone inside, which has a better waterproof effect. This point is mainly used for cleaning and maintenance, and the LED wall washer is installed outdoors to withstand wind, rain, sun and rain.

  3. High-quality high-brightness LED light source, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering, no radiation pollution, long service life.

  4. The LED wall washer can be controlled by DMX to achieve effects such as color alternation and color flashing.

  5. The LED wall washer produced is in compliance with the national quality system certification, ROHS, CE, CCC and UL certification, and fully meets European and American standards.

  6. The lamp adopts PMMA optical lens, which can be customized according to customer requirements with different luminous colors and luminous effects, red, white, yellow and other color options, or choose degrees and other angles.

  7. Strong earthquake resistance, using high-strength die-cast aluminum shell, high-quality and high-transmittance tempered glass, high-efficiency reflector, and end caps, especially using silicone ring, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
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