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The new China RoHS regulations are coming! There are nine differences from EU ROHS!

Time:2020-07-08 11:48:00 CTR:

Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally issued the "Implementation Arrangements for the Conformity Assessment System for the Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products". Products in the Standard Management Catalog (First Batch) shall meet the requirements of the "Implementation Arrangements".

The new China RoHS regulations will be fully implemented in November, so what is the difference between the new China RoHS regulations and the EU RoHS? Now let Ward Testing analyze it for everyone!

1. The scope of control is different:

EU RoHS controls electrical and electronic products with a direct current of 1500 volts and an alternating current of less than 1000 volts, with the exception of exempted products, and China's ROHS must meet the requirements of the Management Catalog for Restricted Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Products.

The first batch of standards-compliant management catalogs include the following 12 types of electrical and electronic products:


       ※Air conditioner

       ※washing machine

       ※water heater



       ※fax machine

       ※TV set



       ※Mobile communication handset

       ※Single phone

2. Different controlled substances:

The EU RoHS controls 10 substances, as shown in the table below, while the China RoHS controls only the first six items controlled by the EU (that is, the four ophthalene items are not included).

Test items

































3. Different production process supervision:

EU RoHS supervision is mainly sampling inspections in the circulation field, while China RoHS has both sampling inspections in the circulation field and supervision of production links. This is the main content of the new regulations, and a complete system has been formed so far.

Specifically, China RoHS requires the management of products in the catalog. Manufacturers must choose national voluntary certification or self-declaration, and enter the information on a unified platform.

4. Certification requirements:

EU RoHS does not have compulsory certification requirements, but the EU has formulated the hazardous substance process management system requirements IECQ-QC080000, and enterprises voluntarily apply for certification. The basic framework of the system is ISO 9001.

China's new RoHS regulations clearly stipulate that one must be selected from "national voluntary certification" and "self-declaration".

List of certification models

Authentication mode

Sample detection

Initial factory inspection

Post-certification supervision

Applicable Products

Send samples


Declaration of conformity


(Type test)



Parts and components products, material products




Parts and components products


√(Optimization of detection)



Complete machines and components (complex products)



All products within the scope of this rule

5. Self-declaration:

There is no mandatory requirement for EU ROHS;

China's ROHS must choose one of "National Promotion Voluntary Certification" and "Self-Declaration".

6. Marking requirements:

There is no labeling requirement for EU RoHS;

China RoHS has a labeling requirement, that is, the "Administrative Measures for the Use of Green Product Labels" will be formally implemented on June 1 this year.

7. Requirements for testing agencies:

China RoHS has clear requirements

1) National voluntary certification: The testing of certified samples should be completed by an inspection and testing agency that has signed a contract with the certification agency and meets the relevant capabilities and qualification requirements.

2) The test report in the self-declaration can come from a laboratory that is owned by the manufacturer and manufacturer and meets the corresponding technical capabilities, or it can be a qualified third-party inspection and testing agency, or the supplier’s Compliance report formed on the basis of judging hazardous substances of devices and raw materials.

In terms of law enforcement, the European Union provides third-party test reports as needed, that is, the test agency is an ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratory, which is my country's CNAS accredited laboratory.

8. Detection methods and split rules:

EU RoHS: IEC 62321

China RoHS: Limits and dismantling requirements are implemented in accordance with the GB/T 26572 standard; testing methods are implemented in accordance with the GB/T 26125 standard.

9. Publicity requirements:

EU RoHS: There is no mandatory requirement, mainly to transmit relevant information between the upstream and downstream of the supply chain;

China RoHS: Both national voluntary certification and self-declaration need to be reported to the public service platform for restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic products to achieve data sharing.

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